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A candidate of J. Tedesco & Associates is an individual being considered for a specific search we are leading. Thank you in advance for the time you will be investing in this process. We will help you make your best impression as you work to distinguish yourself. You may also be asked to complete an online leadership assessment through our partnership with Hogan International. We also aid in any negotiations.


As a retained search firm, we are engaged by a client company to conduct a specific search assignment. We are paid for our time, whereas contingent recruiting agencies are paid only when a hire is made. This is because we do not simply send resumes to our clients and hope they are well received. We are consultants to our clients and earn their respect by providing valuable insight, thorough assessment, and strong candidate recommendations. That means you can rest assured as a candidate that we will not waste your time if we believe that the "fit" is not solid. Our focus is on delivering exceptional results and creating a win-win environment for everyone.


All candidates start with a written job description and a discussion about the position. A resume is required to signal your genuine interest in the opportunity (all information exchanged will be handled sensitively). If upon review of your resume you are deemed a preliminary fit, you will be asked to complete a candidate checklist. We will discuss the checklist and resume with our client to further assess your qualifications, and arrange meeting if we plan to present your credentials. We will always ask for your consent to share your background before presenting it to clients.


Presentation to our client will include your resume and checklist, our notes, and a discussion. We will provide you with their feedback, and if the client is interested, we will set up all stages of interviews, offer interview coaching, preparation, and continue to provide feedback every step of the way. We also aid in any negotiations as requested by either party. Throughout the process, you will be treated with respect and the utmost level of professionalism. You will receive honest feedback and timely communication. If at any time, you choose not to pursue the opportunity, we will support that decision 100%. We ask for your understanding if we decide that you can no longer considered a candidate. Please recognize that the order above may change, as the timing of the whole process often depends on the urgency of our client.

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