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Retained Executive Search

Typically, our searches might include Manager, Director, VP/SVP, and C-level assignments for larger companies, or VP to C-level assignments for slightly smaller companies.  From a cash compensation standpoint, we perform searches where the base salary of the position is above $130,000.  This broad range of positions represents a major gap in the capabilities of other search firms. We manage very few projects at one time and have a partner-level consultant involved in all facets of each search we lead. As a result, we deliver an exceptional service and results. Click her to see our search approach in more detail.  

Organizational & Leadership Development

Leadership Assessment & Development

We leverage leadership assessment as part of our hiring process through a partnership with two global leadership assessment firms. This provides an unbiased third-party perspective on the candidates. In addition, we are committed to the long term value that our successfully hired leader brings to the client company. Through our close alliance with a select team of nationally recognized leadership consultants, we will work with that individual and their teams to make them increasinlgy valuable to their employer.  



We are available to screen candidates found by our client companies at an hourly rate. These interviews may take place on the phone, through video conferencing or in person. We will write up a summary for each interview and share our thoughts with the hiring team.

Recruitment Training

Recruitment Training

Through our recruiter training program, we will put your in-house recruiters through a course geared to enhance their abilities in your company. They will learn how to source candidates more creatively, interview more effectively and perform with a consultant's mindset.