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An All-Inclusive Approach to
Executive Search

J. Tedesco & Associates is committed to the best industry practices for executive recruiting, leveraging sound planning, strategic thinking,
and combining the art and science of search. Below is a step-by-step guide that outlines how we conduct an effective assignment.

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Stage I: The A.L.L. Acronym

It is our belief that strategic partnerships yield the most effective results in the search business. With that belief in mind and through a consulting approach, we ASK a plethora of questions, then we LISTEN, and we LEARN. We gain a unique, masterful understanding of the client and the assignment through interviews with key personnel, as well as an in-depth analysis of the company and the marketplace in which you do business. From there, we familiarize ourselves with your products, services and, corporate culture.

Essentially, we want to act as an extension of your organization. Research shows that the weakest link in the search process is actually at the start, when the hiring company and the search firm define the criteria for success in the position profile. Most search firms are unaware of how critical this stage is or assume that the job description, which might be several years old, is good enough to work from. This is where we help our clients connect the dots and identify the right position profile to help ensure that the best candidate is hired.

Stage II: Search Design

We construct a detailed and fully customized position specification to demonstrate our knowledge of the assignment and to steer the search. In addition, we create a proprietary assessment unique to each assignment called the "candidate checklist" that will be used to qualify individuals. The checklist and a supporting summary report accompany the resume as candidates are presented. We review our documents with the client and then we begin the search execution process.

Stage III: Research

Then, we take the best research methods in the industry, and combine them with a thorough networking strategy to build a very finely tuned contact list. About  50% of the contacts for each search comes through our database and from individuals referred to us through our client. The other 50% of the contacts for each search are developed through a process called original name generation.  This process insures that we reach an audience containing a high percentage of passive job seekers. Those are individuals who are typically currently employed and who are not submitting their resumes through internet job boards. Those are the candidates our clients pay us to find.

Stage IV: Pre-Qualification

Through a mail, email, and telephone campaign, we work our way through that list and pre-qualify all of the contacts. By week three (usually sooner) we have our first status meeting with the client. At this point we will suggest if any changes should be made to the candidate requirements and talk about our initial findings. We may suggest that some candidates be interviewed by the client at this time.

Stage V: Continued JTA Interviews

We continue, at a brisk pace, to develop and interview candidates that we find. We will also interview candidates that surface through our client as requested. As candidates "pass" our criteria of evaluation, we will interview them in person or via video and then present their credentials to the appropriate client contact. It is our belief that the window of opportunity to attract an individual to our client can be small, so instead of waiting several months to present a team of candidates, we like to present them as they surface. This ensures the greatest quality hire for the client.

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Stage VI: Client Interviews

We remain heavily involved during the client interview process. We assist with scheduling interviews, we design and facilitate interviews with the hiring team and we help the client assess their interest in each candidate after the interview. 

Stage VII: Leadership Assessment

After the final candidate/s has been identified, we can bring in a third-party leadership assessment provider through our partnership with two global leadership assessment consulting firms. This provides an unbiased perspective and an additional data point on those candidates.

Stage VIII: Offer & Negotiation

Once a top candidate is selected by the client, we sensitively monitor or handle the offer and negotiation process to help bridge the gap between the candidate and the client until an offer is accepted. This is often where our greatest value is recognized. Concurrent to the offer and negotiation, we provide the option of having us perform detailed reference checking, above and beyond our standard due diligence performed on every final candidate.

Stage IX: Offer Acceptance & Beyond

After the offer is accepted, we begin to phase ourselves out of the loop so that the appropriate bond can be established with the individual and his/her new employer.
Throughout the process, our clients sometimes ask for less involvement and sometimes ask for more. Either way, we work together as partners to develop the right strategy for meeting individual client requirements.